Having already competed and successfully qualifying for the 2013 Worlds by placing both his 2wd and 4wd Tekin powered offroad buggies into their respective Amains, Ty Tessmann would continue on with his “Super” Nats by beginning the 1/8 and SC portion of the ROAR Nationals.

Early on it was clear that Ty’s Tekin powered HotBodies D12 “Tekno-e” would be in contention for the win. Ty Tq’d all 4 rounds of qualifying giving him the un contested overall Tq for the triple Amains. In A1 Ty lead from start to finish taking the win from his Tq position. A2 Ty had some pressure from AE’s Steven Hartson who had a chance for the lead when Ty barrel rolled, amazingly landing back on his wheels. Within a few more turns though Hartson went wide giving Ty the lead again! Ty buckled down and never relinquished the lead, taking the win in A2 and the overall 2012 ROAR 1/8 Electric Buggy National Title!

Congratulations to Ty Tessmann!

Fellow Tekin teammate Jesse Robbers and Tyler Vik would both also make the Amain with their Tekin powered D12 “Tekno-e” buggies.
All of the Amain Tekin powered drivers utilized the Tekin Rx8, Tekin T8 1900, and Hotwire USB device along with “Vegas” 223 software.