ilicone shock “O” rings that come standard in most R/C vehicles are not idea when using silicone shock fluid. The Trinity high performance shock “O” rings are made of silicone friendly material and offer you a better seal and smoother operation.

TEP1310 is a double seal “O” ring for less leakage & a longer “O” ring life so your shocks stay matched longer and rebuilds become further apart.

Tep1311 is a low drag replacement for the “O” rings that come stock in your shocks. Silicone oil friendly material. Longer lasting then stock.

Both models are designed for use in most all 1/10th vehicles from Touring Cars to Short Course Trucks and everything in between that has a 1/8th inch shock shaft.

Package includes 10 pieces per bag.

These super trick, high performance “O”rings are available starting at $4.99!

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