The Big 11 – Nick Young

1- Your name? Nick Young
2 – What was your first RC car? Traxxas Rustler
3- What was your first big race that you won? ECT Stock truck championship
4- What age did you start racing? 12 Years old
5- If you could do anything besides RC racing what would it be? I would have to say go surfing everyday!
6- Your favorite candy bar? Hershey’s chocolate bar.
7 – Who is your toughest competition and why? My toughest competition is Ryan Matesa and Jhon Cantrell. I dont get to race with them everyday but they give me a battle because of they’re super consistency and speed!
8 – What is your favorite class to race? Buggy
9 – Your favorite race track? Bremerton R/C Raceway
10 – Your dream date would be with who? Megan Fox
11 – What did you have for lunch? A turkey sandwich with mayo.

Author: kevin

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