The Big 11 – Keven Hebert

1- Your name? Keven Hebert
2 – What was your first RC car? Tamiya MadCap
3- What was your first big race that you won? 08 Snowbirds 13.5 foam was my first **Major event** event win
4- What age did you start racing? 12 but more competitively at 17.
5- If you could do anything besides RC racing what would it be? I have to say skiing which is what I was doing before I was in RC
6- Your favorite candy bar? reese pieces !!! Killer
7 – Who is your toughest competition and why? Paul Lemieux !!! Simply because he is one hard guy to get in front of and every race we go to he is on it.
8 – What is your favorite class to race? electric touring cars
9 – Your favorite race track? Fastcats !! even if it is gone it will remain my favorite track for quite some time
10 – Your dream date would be with who? Megan fox is too obvious so im going with the girl in transformer to be different !
11 – What did you have for lunch? Mushroom and shrimp pasta !

Author: kevin

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