The 2nd Annual Portland R/C Raceway Invitational will be held June 25th & 26th. There will be 4 rounds of qualifying using the points system, followed by triple A-Mains. The top 6 drivers in each class will go straight into the A-Mains, followed by 2 car lower main bump ups. Race Entry will be $25.00 per class

Thursday, June 23rd – Open Practice 10:00am – 6:30pm / Racing Starts at 7:00pm
Friday, June 24th – Open Practice 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday, June 25th – 3 Rounds of Qualifying & 4 Rounds of Invitational Starting at 9:00am
Sunday, June 26th – 1 Round of Qualifying & 4 Rounds of Invitational Starting at 9:00am

1. Novice
2. Stock Buggy
3. Stock Truck
4. Stock Short Course
5. Modified Buggy
6. Modified Truck
7. Modified 4wd Buggy
8. Modified Short Course
9. Modified 4×4 Short Course
10. Modified Short Course Oval
11. Invitational 2wd Modified Buggy

*Awards will be given out to the Top 8 in each A-Main and Top 3 in each B-Main!

For the Invitational Class, 4 rounds of heads up racing are ran on Saturday and 4 rounds are ran on Sunday. Each driver will be allowed 2 drops, so 6 will count. Tie Breakers will be determined by the number of 1st place finishes, 2nd place finishes, and so on with the 6 counted points. Throw outs are thrown out and wont be used. This is the same as the Reedy Race. All heats for every round will be completely random and 7 drivers will be in each heat. 2wd Modified Buggies will be ran both days. Invitational will be the only class to payback cash for the top 3 overall using 50% of each entry.

Invitational Top 3 Payout:
1st $200.00
2nd $150.00
3rd $100.00

Invitational Drivers List:
1. Chris Bridgewater
2. Daniel Lea
3. Shaun Dunlap
4. JC Johnson
5. Andy DiBrino
6. Luke Smith
7. Joe Pillars
8. Michael Schoettler
9. Brian Munn
10. Marty Barnes
11. Thomas Tran
12. Alex Smith
13. Mike Brown
14. Roger Seim
15. Chris Gould
16. George Cherry
17. Derek Rasheed
18. Austin Seim
19. Chris Nealeigh
20. Jeff Phelps
21. Jason Peffers
22. Paul Mischke
23. Gary Culp
24. Tom Davies
25. Jack Leighan
26. Tim Weidemann
27. Nick Young
28. Tony Bailey
29. Ryan Matesa
30. Tres Gilley

*Drivers in the Invitational Class, please PM me to let me know if you will be able to attend ASAP

Thank You,