The 27th Annual SRS Cactus Classic wrapped up this past weekend. With 491 entries this was surely one of the largest and highest attended Cactus Classic in recent times. The racers would be thrown for a loop however as the track would be heavily sugared for the event. Some liked it, some didn’t. Either way it would make for some exciting racing all weekend long.

In Pro 2 SC Tekin powered Ryan Lutz would be a front runner early on in qualifying. It would be the Ryan, Ryan, and Ryan show all weekend long in this class. Surely it must be the name, right!?  Lutz would be running his Team Durango Desc210r in mid motor configuration powered by a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 7.5 motor. After tripple Amains Lutz would take a well deserved 3rd overall in the division.


SRS Cactus 2013


Nick Sava would enter the 13.5 2wd SC class at the last minute. This would prove to be a wise decision as he would take a hard fought 2nd place nearly taking the lead in the last few minutes of the race. Nick chose the Tekin RS and Redline Gen 2 13.5 motor.