“Weighted” front bumper/skid plate to fit the Associated RC10B4.1, Centro C4.1 and X-Factory X6

The bumper is a functional aesthetically pleasing, optional part for some of the most popular 2wd vehicles currently available. It is a direct replacement for the stock plastic part from the factory. No additional grinding or fitting adjustment needed. This particular item is precision laser cut from nickel plated steel to ensure accuracy and quality control, then bent to retain the same curvature of the factory piece and countersunk to match the standard angle of the countersunk screw from the manufacturer. In addition to this steel piece we took it a step further and hardened the steel to prevent rust and prolong the life of the product. Instead of adding weight where ever you can and attempting to stick the weight that always falls out, just add this (18 gram) weighted front skid plate and add durability along with functionality. Easy to add, remove and swap with the standard kit item with just the two simple securing screws.

TSR270 – Weighted nickel plated front bumper – 18gram (Associated RC10B4.1, Centro C4.1 or X-Factory X6 Sq)

“Triple X” Aluminium battery straps

Next up is a range of black aluminium battery straps to fit several of today’s most popular buggies and trucks. Made from high grade alloy for great strength and also works well as a great heatsink.

TSR250 – Black aluminium “Triple X” battery brace (Associated RC10 B4.1 +8mm) – UK RRP £12.99
TSR251 – Black aluminium “Triple X” battery brace (Associated RC10 T4.1) – UK RRP £12.99
TSR252 – Black aluminium “Triple X” battery brace (Durango DEX210) – UK RRP £12.99
TSR253 – Black aluminium “Triple X” battery brace (Kyosho Ultima RB5) – UK RRP £12.99

Carbon fiber battery brace – TLR Twenty Two or Twenty Two-T

The carbon fibre battery brace for the TLR buggy or truck will fit both long and shorty LIPO batteries and is a simple and easy way to retain your battery whilst still looking cool too.

TSR024 – Carbon Fibre battery brace – fits shorty or long LIPO’s (TLR Twenty Two or Twenty Two-T) – UK RRP £14.99

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