The battle will heat up again tomorrow at Top Gear Hobbies between Kellogg and Focht. Yes there is a big point series starting up at Top Gear Hobbies on saturday and then continuing Sunday at Northwest Hobbies.

The real series is between Cameron “camshaft” Kellogg and Kevin ” bone collector” Focht. It’s round 4 and Top Gear has added some steel fencing around the track for this one. Focht leads the series by default 2-1, as Kellogg can’t seem to keep his car on the track. It seems too fast for Camshaft to handle.

Neither driver can seem to figure out what manufacturer to drive with Kellogg starting on Losi and Focht with AE in round one. Kellogg ran Ae in round two with Focht choosing Durango. Both ran Durango in round 3,and it has come full circle again. Focht is back to AE and Kellogg is running his Durango, as it seems the easiest for him to drive.

Let’s hope that their driving is more consistent than their choice of vehicles.

Death Cage RC Match is Saturday at Top Gear Hobbies.

Don’t forget the real point series too. Track opens at 8 and racing starts at 11!!!