Recently I was sent a performance package from RCShox of products they offer for the SC10 4×4. The kit comes with Garolite slipper pads, adjustable ackermann steering rack, and dual stage pistons. RCShox designed these products with improving performance, reliability, and your lap times around the track.

Let’s start with the ackerman steering rack. This part was one I was excited to see. We have seen AE team drivers testing a steering rack design of their own that is not on the market quite yet. RCShox offers this to you NOW! This part will give you the adjustment of changing the inner tie rod mounting location to make the steering more or less aggressive depending on your driving needs. The new bar comes with one additional hole forward and two back over the stock location.

RCShox also upgraded the bar to have bearings on the inner pivot mount. The bearings eliminate slop that the stock bushing can develop and gives the rack smoother operation. Installation is pretty straight forward and the instructions were easy to follow once downloaded from RCShox website. The different locations are easily accessed from the bottom of the truck and can be done quickly at trackside to test locations. On the track I liked the third hole, one back from stock, and noticed immediately that the truck was easier to drive. The SC10 4×4 truck is known for being an aggressive steering truck and the RCShox steering rack helps tune some of that out and makes a truck feel more consistent to steer around the track. One important note we should mention is that if you would like to use one of the two rear holes the ball stud will hit the bell cranks and you will need to clearance them a little to allow them to completely steer left and right. The forward two holes can be used without the need to do anything to the steering bell cranks, but in my opinion the rear holes are the reason to buy this product.

Next up I installed the RCShox Garodisc slipper pads. These pads are the same size of the HD pads that AE offers but are made of a material called Garolite. Garolite is a material that has better wear and bite over stock slipper pads. Most of us SC10 4×4 owners know by now that the stock slipper lacks the bite to transfer power to the rear wheels with the current line of 4×4 motors one the market. We have seen some fixes with multi slipper plate clutches and other modification in order to get more power to the wheels. The Garodisc pads can be used with the standard clutch set up or with one of the other slipper options available. We used the Garodisc pads with the stock standard clutch set up. Immediately I noticed there was way more power transfer over the stock pads. The Garodisc have more of a real feel of a clutch with a progressive grab over the stock pads. Also as an extra bonus I noticed the slipper temps dropped due to a more functional slipper clutch. I did have concern that the harder material would create some extra wear on the slipper plates but found this not to be an issue so far.
Whether you are using a multi disc slipper or the standard slipper set up you will want to have a set of these on your truck.

Last part of the package is the Dual stage pistons. These pistons are special in that they have 6 holes of compression that are 1.1 mm and 6 holes that are 1.2 mm holes for rebound.

When the shock compresses the pistons closes and the shock oil passes through the 1.1mm holes.

When the shock extends the piston slides open and oil flows through the lower pistons 1.2 mm holes.

When the piston is open the upper piston also has two larger holes that open to allow the extra flow of oil to pass through the upper piston.
The benefit of having a dual stage piston is the shock will be able to work faster but still be able to absorb the impacts of landing jumps. We found that you can run 5 to 10 weight lighter shock oil with the dual stage pistons. I notice the truck felt more responsive without becoming twitchy to drive. The truck had quicker weight transfer which helped in having better traction in and out of corners. Another part of the track they excel on our track is a large do or die triple jump. With the RCShox pistons we can see the truck was able jump a little higher and farther making the triple jump more consistent to clear. Our home track stays pretty smooth so we did not get to test them under a rough track conditions, however, with the thinner oil we suspect they would excel in rough conditions too.
After putting all three of these together we made some runs on the clock at our local track. We used our previous lap times to compare our current times. We were able to better our best lap by .2 second for several times in one round. Overall the RCShox’s products improve the performance, add adjustability, and in our case made us faster around the track. Not much more you can ask of a product.

All the mentioned products are available through as individual items or as a performance kit.

Thanks to Cameron Kellogg for the great article!