I’m not sure how many of you were around in the pole barn days of Hillsboro and McMinnville , but I remember. I also remember how frickin’ cold it was. Everyone dragging along propane heaters, and wearing about 10 layers all so that we could race our little RC cars. I think back and wonder why in the world I did that.

Well guess what? We might be there again if something doesn’t change.

We have this amazing indoor heated track called Portland RC Raceway or PRCR as it is known. You know, it’s the one where you can show up in January with a t-shirt on to race. The one where they have all the parts you need and sodas snacks and water too. The one where they have the Rockstar shortcourse series.

I’m worried if something doesn’t change and fast, we might not have a place to race this winter.

I went by the track tonight for Tuesday night racing and there were literally 5 people there! This is not good.

I am a small business owner and know about downtime. You have highs and lows and hope you can make enough money to get through the lows so you can maybe turn a profit or break even on the highs. I know Jim and family are not into running the track for the charity of all of us. People need to start showing up on Tuesdays or Fridays or I am worried that we might not have that nice warm place to race this winter.

I know that it’s summer and we all have other things to do outside, but all it takes is one night a week to race those cars we love to race to make a difference. I also know that we all love racing at Dave’s on Saturday during the summer, but what is going to happen when the rains set in? Then what.

Support your local tracks both inside and out so that we can have both. Remember this. It rains 9 months out of the year in Portland, so think about racing a few days inside when it’s nice.

It might just pay off this winter.

Let the Dunlaps know that you want a place to race this winter and please show up for Tuesday and Friday racing. You might just help keep the doors open this winter.