Have you ever wondered how a racers perception of what happened on the track is so skewed, that the mistake could never be theirs?

You know the racer I am talking about, the one that no matter where they race or who they race with, they always have issues. ” I got taken out” ” I got hacked” “You took me out on that turn”, it’s never ever their fault.

I wish everyone had to wear a helmet cam, so that at the end of the race when they start complaining we could all just say ” let’s go to the video”!

This person is at every track, and has been since we started racing these wonderful little cars. It always makes me smile when I hear them too. I also wonder what they are like in their real life. Do they complain that they are overworked, underpaid, and not respected enough at work?

Maybe we need to give out free group hugs to these people and let them know that “it’s ok, we still like you, even though we are all trying to take you out” That’s right, I let it out, we are ALL out to get just YOU!!!! :)

God I love this hobby.