What gives? Stock and mod truck used to be as big if not bigger than buggy. Not is seems as like it is the forgotten class.

Even last winter, there were a lot of people still racing stock truck. Now it seems that short course is the truck class.

I just can’t figure it out. I understand that SC look more “real” and it’s more of a basher mentality in this class. Comparing the two, is like comparing driving a school bus and a formula one car. The SC being the bus in that equation.

The stadium truck is easy to drive, but has a lot more of an edge to it when driving. There is nothing like 10 stadium trucks running together on the track. It’s more like big buggies than a bunch of smash em up big rigs.

Don’t get me wrong, SC is as fun as anything, but I think there is room for both in out sport.

Let’s hope when Losi comes out with their new truck, it will bring the class back!!!!

If you haven’t tried stadium truck, give it a shot. I think you might just like it.