The Mirage body fits the TLR 22 in both mid and rear motor configurations. The compact proportions of the Mirage lower overall vehicle weight and center or gravity (CG), improving acceleration, braking, and turning performance. The blade-like styling complements the narrow and angular chassis, while also enhancing aerodynamic performance. Air that normally travels around the cockpit is packed onto the front windscreen with integrated cant rail air dams. This increases overall downforce and moves the center of pressure forward to help steering feel without giving up forward bite. These dams work like vortex generators when the vehicle experiences any sideslip angle, helping to energize the airflow around the A-pillars, further improving downforce and balance. The nose tucks tightly behind the front shock towers to reduce profile drag of the body. Carefully designed scallops at the back of the body help feed air to the wing in the rear motor configuration. The crisp styling of Mirage not only looks great, but also provides you with an edge on the track