Event: Hobby Haven Wednesday Night Club Racing
Date: July 11th, 2012
Track: Hobby Haven
Reporter: Trevor “Chilly” Duncan

JConcepts 3Ds For Short Course Trucks Debut With 2 TQs And Wins
Last Wednesday night I attended the local club races at Hobby Haven in Urbandale, IA. The overall entry count was at 57 as temperatures peaked into the upper 80s that night. As with many tracks here in the Midwest the track conditions were pretty dry thanks to the drought like conditions we have seen this Summer. Despite the constant watering the track didn’t hold moisture very long and conditions were still very dry with a mix of hard packed and loamy surfaces. The fresh layout was very technically with a lot of cornering, and if you got off your lines you would find yourself in “loamy land” so tire choice was very critical.

Making their debut that night were the just announced 3Ds tires for short course trucks. I used these new kicks in the Stock 2WD SCT class while local young gun Alex Vanderbeek competed with them in the Modified 2WD SCT class. With the tight turns and dry conditions this meant a lot of power steering around corners and the most consistent tire that night was definitely the 3Ds in the short course truck classes. Alex and I ran the 3Ds in JConcepts sticky Green compound and we both wound up TQing our classes and winning our A Mains.

Alex also competed in the 2WD Modified Buggy class that night, qualified 2nd overall, and went on to take the A Main win. I also competed in the Stock 2WD Buggy and Modified Stadium Truck classes. In Stock 2WD Buggy I qualified 3rd overall and won the A Main, and in the Modified Stadium Truck class I qualified 2nd overall, and ended up winning that A Main too.

So overall JConcepts tires were able to take home 5 wins that night including 2 debut wins for the new 3Ds for short course trucks.