Just for goofs today, I sponsored the two SC races at Dave’s RC tracks today.

Winner of the stock SC got a large bag of Twizzlers, second got a medium bag, and third got the standard bag.

Chris doing the race directing on this race has us rolling with his “He really wants those twizzlers bad!”

First place went to Rocky Knuth, second to Joe Maffeo, and third was Joe Tuebner who has quite a batle with Jackson Andres for the small bag of Twizzlers.

For Mod SC we had the M & M cup.

Chris Nealeigh took home the big bag of chocolate that doesn’t melt in your hand, and Rocky got to add to his tooth decay with a second, and myself The Big RC took home the small bag. That bag of M and M’s never tasted so sweet!

Thanks to Dave and his crew for allowing us to have some goofy fun. Sometimes in this hobby we take it too seriously, and it was good to just goof around for a day.

What’s next? Not sure, maybe the Doritos buggy cup…..