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Last night was one of those moments in life, where people who saw it will remember it for a lifetime. Epic, unworldly, stupendous, are just some of the words being thrown around after the A main in Mod Buggy at Top Gear Raceway.

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Most people assume that Focht and Kellogg are best of friends, but in reality it’s one of those cases of keep your enemies closer. Even this photo, taken before the epic A main, you can see how the favorite Kellogg is smiling. It’s almost like he thinks he shouldn’t even need to race the main. Focht is the classic underdog, and totally has his game face on. Like the saying goes, “that’s why they play the game people”

The grid was set with Kellogg qualified 4th, just barely out qualifying Focht by a tiny margin of 9 seconds. You might be asking yourself, who qualified first, second, and third? No one knows and know one really cares. Everyone last night knew the race was all about fourth!

You could here a pin drop at the start of the race, with everyone on edge asking themselves ” could this finally be the time where David takes down Goliath?”

This battle has been brewing for over a year. Kellogg after winning the last round in two wheel mod just barely, has been hiding in all sorts of other classes. Trying to always run a class that Focht wasn’t in. 4 wheel buggy being his last to dominate, but only because he didn’t have his arch rival Focht to deal with.

Gotta give it to Kellogg though for his smarts. This time around, he decided to run the same brand of vehicle as Focht. He was heard murmuring something about he can’t be chasing the best rig. Both ran Kyosho RB6’s on this amazing night.

Off they went, following the pack of other racers who will remain nameless. On lap 5, Kellogg feeling the constant and unrelenting pressure of Focht’s cat like driving skills, made his first mistake. In what spectators are just calling “The Pass”, Focht shot by Kellogg on the short shoot after the triple jump on the inside. The crowd came alive, and not a person was sitting at this point. You could hear Kellogg exclaim ” I will get you Focht!” or at least that is how this writer heard it. From this point one it was Focht’s race.

The next lap, Kellogg made a veil attempt at some sort of bump pass, but Focht did his best to counter steer and sent Kellogg off into the pipe. You could tell at that point, that this one of those moments in life that are pre-ordained where the underdog will have his day.

Kellogg didn’t know what to do at this point, never having been defeated by such unreal driving skill, feigned technical issues and pulled off for a lap. This “technical” problem came about only after Focht had lapped him, so you be the judge.

In the end, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This could be from tears of joy, or tears of laughter for the race for 4th place is not normally something people care about.

This battle will only get more epic, as Focht’s skill set seems to be growing and the aged Kellogg seems to have peaked. Only time will tell, and we can’t wait for the next match.

Here is an image of the winning Kyosho RB6 powered by Orion

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The final results

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