Now it’s shock wars. A few months ago it was ESC wars. What’s next?

Losi is now coming out with their new buggy with big bore shocks. Kyosho has released theirs, and from what I hear Associated is not so far behind.

If you don’t have big bores you aren’t cool, and will never get a date. You will never make the A and you will die an unhappy sole. Well that’s what I hear anyway. Big bore is just another in the long line of things you need to have if you want to be fast.

If it ain’t the tire of the week, it’s the battery of the month. Now we can add shocks to that. Where will it end? I guess that is what makes this hobby fun, the constant changes.

I’m still waiting for the hydradrive 2 with gel toothpaste inside, and using maple syrup to sauce your tires. Now that is what the really fast guys are doing.