We are very excited to present the first of six exclusive articles that will give you the chance to explore the 2013 range of awesome ARRMA off-road vehicles. Designed to be fast and designed to be tough, ARRMA cars are designed with speed and strength as their core features.
We begin our series with the ARRMA RAIDER Desert Buggy. Styled with all the striking looks of a full-scale sand blasting desert racer, the ARRMA RAIDER is at home thrashing through mud and dirt at your local park, and riding the whoops and jumps at your local BMX track.

The ARRMA RAIDER is a Ready to Run 1/10 electric powered Desert Buggy that is available in two awesome variants. The BLX Brushless version for heart-thumping high-speed exhilaration and the MEGA Brushed version for amazing torque and incredible efficiency. Both cars fire you into the off-road bashing action, straight from the box, with the included waterproof ESC and high-torque steering servo. Teamed with the advanced technology of the ARRMA 2.4Ghz radio transmitter, the ARRMA RAIDER is ready to attack all terrains and take on the most extreme off-road action.


RAIDER BLX brushless Desert Buggy in Green ‘Grunge’ colour scheme
ARRMA supply super-tough components with every vehicle they produce. The ARRMA RAIDER is primed for throwing down the power and torque of your chosen motor and ESC variant, with an all-metal geared differential, as standard.

High-quality materials and optimum performance are at the heart of the ARRMA RAIDER Desert Buggy. The aluminium Twin Vertical Plate, or TVP, chassis components provide rigidity, optimum strength and super-cool off-road looks.


The ARRMA RAIDER aluminium TVP chassis
With the ability to soak up everything you can throw at it, the ARRMA RAIDER suspension system features oil-filled shock absorbers, hard-wearing front and rear shock towers and multiple suspension arm mounting positions that allow you to tune the handling characteristics of your ARRMA RAIDER for the widest range of bashing surfaces.


The ARRMA RAIDER is fully equipped with oil-filled shock absorbers
No matter what challenges the ARRMA RAIDER may face, you can trust the high-performance dBoots Dune Runner tyres and foam inserts to give you traction, control and reliable handling whether you are blasting through muddy trails or

The ARRMA RAIDER comes with dBoots Dune Runner tyres and high-performance foam inserts
With so much power and torque at your fingertips, you will need a battery that is capable of delivering all the juice you will need to keep your ARRMA RAIDER running. The supplied battery cells are specially designed to fit the custom ARRMA battery tray system, which includes the specially designed quick-release access door for easy cell changes in seconds.

The ARRMA RADIER has the looks to match its super-tough construction and blisteringly fast performance. With two colour options for the BLX Brushless version, and an eye-catching colour version for the MEGA Brushed edition, ARRMA have custom designed the striking body shell graphics to turn heads and impress your friends.